Give Your Negative Inner Voice a Name

This article from Lifehacker talks about that negative inner critic we all have- you know, the one that says you can’t or you shouldn’t or you’re not good enough. The simple trick here is to give that voice a name, but why? For this simple reason: When you associate a name with it, it’s no … Read more


Wantok literally means “someone who speaks my language” and, in a country with over 800 spoken languages, refers to anyone who is from your family or a close, or sometimes not so close, friend.

7 Ways to Get Happier in Less Than a Minute

Not sure why you’d only have one minute to get happier, but this is my favourite: 3. Think of a loved one. When your mood drops it might be because you feel alone. Perhaps the stress of the day has isolated you and left you feeling empty. Think about the person who loves you most and … Read more