Welcome to 2019

New years are always an exciting time. A fresh start, a surge of optimism and a chance to let go of the past. With 2019 upon us, you can choose to focus on positivity, results, dreams and being a nice person- everything is a choice and everything has a consequence. NOW is the time to let … Read more

Mr. Old Year

This Colombian Tradition involves creating an effigy and filling it with all of the bad things from the past yer. Then you light a match, burning everything in that year which you want to forget. Leave the bad things in the past behind you- take only the good with you this year. You don’t have … Read more

Happy Christmas 2018

Another year has come to pass and once again I want to pass a quick note to wish you an enjoyable and restful Christmas. (Make sure you get plenty of Hygge) This year has seen yet more inspirational websites, ideas, words and more as well as thousands of inspirational quotes to help motivate and inspire you … Read more

Christmas Eve 2018

Today is all about family. It’s about closeness, comfort, excitement and the warmth of family love. If you spend one day this year away from work, your phone and the hustle and bustle of daily life, then this is it. Nothing in this world really means anything without the love and support of those close … Read more