Inspiring Podcasts

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Thanks to Pedro for the tip 🙂

I was quite unaware of how many wonderful and inspiring podcasts were out there and it’s only right I should keep a list of them here for you to utilise 🙂


  1. Daily Boost (the #1 Self help podcast on iTunes)
  2. The School of Greatness
  3. Life is a Marathon
  4. Your success at last
  5. Transform Radio
  6. London Real
  7. I live to inspire
  8. Rise and Shine Podcast
  9. The Tai Lopez Show
  10. PropelDay
  11. The Journey of Success
  12. The Ziglar Show
  13. Success Freaks
  14. The Overwhelmed Brain
  15. A Swift Kick In The Ass
  16. Warrior Mind
  17. The Charged Life
  18. Dear Luke
  19. Make Your Someday Today
  20. Harvesting Happiness
  21. Lifeology
  22. Live on Purpose Radio
  23. The Kick Ass Life
  24. Kyle’s Cult
  25. The Partially Examined Life
  27. Anxiety Diaries Podcast

….More to come!

If you’d like to suggest something then please contact me.