Happy Christmas 2018

Another year has come to pass and once again I want to pass a quick note to wish you an enjoyable and restful Christmas. (Make sure you get plenty of Hygge)

This year has seen yet more inspirational websites, ideas, words and more as well as thousands of inspirational quotes to help motivate and inspire you (and of course, me!)

I also launched my book this year – it’s about taking responsibility for your life and understanding what you truly deserve. Check it out here – www.youdeservethisbook.com

Wherever you are reading this, I hope that you have benefited in some way from the content and are perhaps enjoying a new direction in your own life too.

I set out to connect with those looking for new ideas and inspiration to help them find and pursue a more enjoyable life – and the quest continues once more.

Here’s to making every day of 2019 just as fun.