Four Antidotes to Procrastination

Before I started this blog, I spent about 3 years talking about it and threatening to start but never really doing anything.

It was only when I decided to “start dirty” that I managed to make progress and here we are, over 1000 posts later.

This post from ZenHabits tackles procrastination in 4 different ways and is worth a read.

My favourite?

Antidote 2: Make a (Small) Commitment

What helped me during one point of my procrastination was to make a commitment to a friend that I would do a bunch of work at a specific time. And if I didn’t do that work, I would have to suffer a consequence that we both agreed to.

Needless to say, I stuck to my commitment. I got the work done, no matter what it took.

Tomorrow I’m going to make a commitment to my wife to record a series of videos over two days. If I don’t … no coffee for a week!

When you make a sacred commitment to someone you respect, you’ll elevate the act from something you want to shrink from, to a vow that you want to uphold. Then doing the work will be something you wantto do!

Protip: Make the action you commit to doing be fairly small. That will make it easier to get started, and you’ll be able to launch into your commitment without too much trouble.

Full post here.