Happy Not Perfect

Perfection is an illusion.

From their website:


At Happy Not Perfect, we approach feelings and mental wellbeing in a practical way. Our minds need recharging and often on-the-go. Through daily practices, studies have proven we can all help our brains to feel less anxious, less stressed and more in control. So we designed an app (launching soon) and a selection of products, combining all the science to provide simple, quick and effective routes to relaxation


Happy Not Perfect was founded as a result of personal experience. Meditation wasn’t sticking, feelings of stress and anxiety were becoming overwhelming and the pressure of life seemed unmoving. In the same way we care for our bodies by exercising, our mind, the most important muscles, needs to be looked after. Instead of waiting to hit rock bottom, what can we be doing regularly to help us have a more balanced emotional and mental wellbeing.


The team, made up of scientists, life coaches, CBT therapists, breathing specialists and designers have spent the last two years figuring out how we could shake things up. Make looking after our mind snackable, fun and convenient. The power is in repetition and the results are worth it. Like with everything, what you put in, you’ll get out… progress not perfection.

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