Wayne Dyer

As you think, so shall you be

Dr. Wayne Dyer, affectionately known as “the father of motivation” has written over 30 books and appeared on countless Public Television Specials delivering his thoughts and ideas in his trademark peaceful and light hearted manner.

“As you think, so shall you be” is the cornerstone of Dr. Dyers message.

He takes a spiritual approach to life and often references spiritual literature in his talks. His talks focus on a number of different topics but all revolve around this concept of first realising things in your mind and believing them, for them to then be manifested in real life.

Although much of what he covers references Buddhism and spirituality there is no religious focus  in his material – he simply identifies the goodness that can be found in some religions – forgiveness, compassion and faith, encouraging us to incorporate these ideals into our own lives.

If you don’t find talk of “spiritual energy” off putting and are curious then much of Dr. Dyer’s talks rings true to life and is very intriguing.