Sands of time

Lost time is never found again.

This is an interesting viewpoint introduced to my by ET The Hip Hop Preacher.

We all know our time is limited, life is short and we don’t know when it will end- this is not news.

We keep track of time either on a wristwatch or a clock and try our very best to utilise it as much as we can each day – or at least that’s the plan.

The issue here is that viewing time as a clock- as a circle which goes around and around and never seems to “end”, we can be fooled into thinking there will always be more time and this devalues it’s position as a finite resource.

Now consider this.

View time as the grains of sand in an hour glass.

This paradigm shift is very useful- it reinforces the fact that time is forever moving on and whether you make the most of each grain of sand or not it continues to move.

Using an actual hour glass to time yourself instead of your phone or a clock is a completely different experience- as you see each grain of sand fall through the gap you are reminded of time’s finite nature more so than simply using a clock.

I’ve struggled with procrastination and wasted a great deal of time through inaction – this shift in perception has helped me to appreciate each moment better and get the best out of each one – as best I can.

Are you spending your time as well as you could be?