How to break the cycle of life

The objective of my life is NOT to tick off all the big goals and dreams I have written down.

This poem from WTPOLA will make you think twice:

When you’re young, you look towards the future with eyes wide with enthusiasm. Commencement speakers tells you to aim for the stars, and you feel it deep down inside.

The rush.

The thrill.

The gusto.

And for good reason.

Failure? You’ve never felt it.

Doubts? You’ve never housed them.

Misery? You’ve never seen it.

The entire world is yours. Up for grabs.

It’s all so exciting.

All the possibilities of who you can be, all the things you can create, all the places you can visit. It seems like a world full of opportunity.

And you feel the energy of life travelling through every artery inside you. The unknown makes you feel alive.

But then, shit happens. Like it always does.

Black turns into grey.

Extraordinary gets traded for ordinary.

Love gets replaced with fear.

Making a life gets exchanged for making a living.

It happens.

And somewhere between twenty and forty five, you break down. And let life wear you out.

The passion you once had? Wiped clean.

The enthusiasm? Dead.

The laughter? Gone.

Instead, the frowns appear; the soul dies; the dreams you had leave your body without ever manifesting into reality.

And you stay up late at night and you wonder why.

Been there, seen that.

Look around, it’s everywhere.

The objective of my life is NOT to tick off all the big goals and dreams I have written down.

The objective of my life is to live in such a way that I never lose my enthusiasm for life itself. The objective of my life is to be larger than life itself. And prevail.

Cause blood is life.

Life is enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is possibility.

Possibility is unknown.

And the unknown is where I choose to be.

Forever and ever.

Because it is here, where all my dreams and aspirations live. And it is here where I choose to play.

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