Train Your Brain for Happiness

If you want to be happy. Be.

It turns out that happiness is a skill which can be acquired and even better, there are some cool games to help you do it 🙂

  • Need help focusing on the positive? A game called “Uplift” teaches your brain to scan the environment for the positive, thereby improving your mood and reducing negative thinking. As hot-air balloons float by, click on words like “joy” or “radiant” while ignoring words like “criticize” or “angry.”
  • Searching for a way to relax? Choose the “Serenity Scene” activity. Perfect for someone feeling overwhelmed with
a long to-do list, these guided relaxation tracks can help people unwind, feel less anxious, and get a fresh charge of energy (grounded in brain-scan research).
  • Want games for your children to try? “Negative Knockout” is an Angry Birds–like game where you use a slingshot to destroy words that describe your biggest challenges that day. 
Two months after regularly using the platform, 86 percent of users report feeling significantly happier. This impressive statistic highlights how technology can create positive change in our lives, enabling us to rise above our genes and environment to tap into our greater potential.

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