Use “The Four Cs” to Boost Your Happiness and Clear Mental Clutter

Feeling overwhelmed? unhappy? can’t cope?

The “four c’s” are there to help you overcome the hectic pace of life and the information overload.

It’s about getting back to basics- Connect, Contribute, Cope and Cook are your keys to feeling less harried and more peaceful.

My favourite?

Connect: This one’s simple, but easy to ignore when you’re constantly communicating via text, Facebook, or DMs. According to Lustig, face-to-face connection with friends or loved ones drives neurons that increase empathy, which in turns boosts your serotonin. (For all of these items, the goal is to boost your serotonin rather than dopamine, as the former works wonders for your long-term happiness, while the latter only provides a temporary rush of pleasures). Carve out some time every day to interact with someone you care about, IRL, phones down.

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