The Three Flags

I make no apologies and am not “ashamed” of my times dealing with anxiety, depression and even thoughts about ending it all (read my story)

I think collectively we are all realising that so called “mental health” issues don’t mean you are “mental” and that like any other medical issue they need to be treated and not stigmatised.

I have a friend who struggles from time to time as even I still do now and we’ve invented a system to keep tabs on one another.

It all kind of started by accident,  but it works and I’m hoping that by sharing it, it may help others express themselves and even reach out for help.

Here’s how it works:

Using the emoji keyboard, there are three flags- a white flag, a black flag and a chequered flag.

🏳️ – The White Flag represents peace- “Everything is going well.”

🏴 – The Black flag represents darkness- “I’m having a dark/bad day”

🏁 – The chequered flag is in the middle- “I’m not entirely happy or sad”

👮🏻- The police officer emoji is how you ask how the other person is feeling- it’s literally the “flag police”

At a random point in the day you send a policeman emoji to your friend which is an instant and easy way of saying “how’s it going?” or “what colour is your flag?”.

The person can then reply with the white, black or chequered flag as a simple way of expressing how they feel without having to find the words- or worse- actually talk if they want to be left alone.

It can be a simple way to not only check up on those you know who have tough times, but also a nice way of letting them know you are thinking of them – which alone can make all the difference.

Now I’ve told you how it works, spread the word and start sharing flags with those close to you who need them!