The perfect system

The root problem is uncertainty.

I am guilty of trying all sorts of systems to be better, faster, more organised and more efficienct – I think we have all been lured by the promise of a “perfect system” for doing XYZ.

But all these systems are inherently flawed and meaningless according to Leo Babauta at Zen Habits and I think he’s bang on the money.

All of these “systems” we are seeking to be better, faster, more efficiency are not tackling the root problem which is uncertainty.

But the certainty you’re looking for doesn’t come, no matter how much you pay. No matter what system you try. It might seem like it at first, so you feel some temporary relief. But in the end, the uncertainty comes back, because you still don’t know what the hell you’re doing. The fear arises. You search some more.

Uncertainty, and the fear and discomfort that arises from uncertainty, will always be there, unless you’re doing something you absolutely know how to do (like watching TV, checking Facebook or playing games). And who wants to only do the easy stuff in life? You’ll never learn anything new, never push into greatness, always run from the fear.

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