MOF Philosophy

MOF = Minimum of Fuss

In the UK there is a restaurant chain called Carluccio’s.

Started by Antonio Carluccio, the restaurants serve authentic and classic Italian dishes.

I had lunch there recently and noticed on the menu, the mention of “MOF Philosophy”

MOF stands for both Minimum of Fuss and Maximum of Flavour.

This philosophy can apply to both life as well as Duck Parpadelle so I wanted to reference it on the blog.

We all understand minimum of fuss, what is the simplest, most straight forward way to achieve what you need to achieve?

But the interesting element is flavour.

Yes, Carluccio is referring to the flavour of his dishes, but what about the flavour of life?

What about enjoying the everyday sunsets, good foods, smells, people and everything else that gives life it’s rich flavour?

How could you adopt the MOF philosophy? – Minimum of Fuss and Maximum of Flavour.

Just a thought.