Unique Obituary of 82-Yr-Old Has Touched Millions

I dared to live, now I dare to die.

When we die, we will ultimately become a few sentences and a memory in the minds of those we knew.

A few words that sum up our personality, experiences, life and everything about us.

This obituary is a little different, not least because it was written in the first person.

Little is known about the life of Ong Peck Lye, but we know he passed away a man of peace and wisdom. The Singapourian businessman knew that his time was drawing near, so he called his family to him. His son penned the following poem in first person, based off of conversations he had with his father in his last days. It was about confessions heis father had made to his dearest wife, and him. The rest of his family then asked them to submit the poem as his official obituary.

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