You Default to the Easiest Path, Not the Most Enjoyable One

A fascinating, honest and deeply relatable post 🙂

Yes, it sounds stupidly simple but don’t gloss over it, internet skimmer. Research shows that often you don’t actually do what you enjoy the most — you do what is easiest. You might love going to the beach, but TV is quicker. If you want The Pleasant Life, make more time for the things that give you the most pleasure.

And for Pete’s sake, schedule pleasurable things. If awful stuff like dental appointments get a spot on your calendar, so should awesome things. (I enjoy seeing my friends. So I don’t “see’em when I see’em” I have lunch with them every Friday at 1PM, like clockwork. And “Burger Night” is every Monday at 5PM. Dinner with Jason and Lisa is every Sunday night. Nick and I go for a walk and discuss interesting things every Tuesday night. I’m sure you’re fascinated by my social schedule, but the point is, with a little planning, you can make fun the default.)

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