If you’re going to die, here’s how to deal with it.

Every Day Should Be Fun, but one day you will die.


Weren’t expecting that? No, me neither until I came across this article from Life Hacker.

Death is a mystery, it’s feared, it’s scary but it’s coming for us all.

This is why we need to make Every Day Fun in the meantime…

“Death Positivity” as it’ known is the acceptance and contemplation of one’s own death; not in the morbid sense of being obsessed with death but in the literal real world sense that we will all die.

The post discusses death and some of the online portals created to help make sense of the ultimate questions we have:

  • The Death Talk Project, based in Portland, Oregon, seeks “to stimulate useful, honest conversation about how we die, how we mourn, and how we care for and remember our dead.” They also host workshops, Death Cafes, movie nights, and other events to bring people together into a community to confront how they relate to death and dying.
  • Mortalls (“what to talk about before time runs out”), is a “death-positive conversation game.” Starting a conversation about death and dying is difficult and awkward, perhaps even more so when done in a family setting. But now you have no excuse — and it may even be fun.

Death is one of life’s biggest taboos and yet it’s something we all must face and as such it makes sense to make sense of it before it gets here.

Just a thought.

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