10 Proven Ways To Worry Less And Feel Happier, Right Now

You can be happy right now if you want to be.

This article looks at some simple techniques to keep The Weeds of Worry at bay and allow you to feel happier.

We have the power within us to feel any way at any time, we simply need to believe this is possible and change our thinking and  perspective to achieve it.

This tips are simple, relevant and they work.

My favourite?

Do what you can do today
Are you a procrastination queen? It’s probably making you more anxious than you realize. “Many people have a habit of not handling issues until they become overwhelming,” says John M. Rowley, director of wellness at the International Sports Science Association. “Deal with what you have to deal with today.” A big work project will only seem more impossible if you wait until the 11th hour to tackle it. Instead, break it down into mini tasks you can do one day at a time during the week before it’s due—the very act of divvying may seem intimidating, but once you make that first dent, you’ll feel much better.

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