Did you wake up sad this morning? READ THIS

You’re stronger than you realize. You’re more beautiful than you see in your reflection. And you will get through today you just have to get up, put on that smile and tackle the mother fucking shit out of the day.

For some people, simply getting up in the morning can be the biggest battle of the day.

Low mood, depression, whatever you call it, when you feel overwhelmed by life or disinterested, it can be tough- I know this first hand.

This beautiful article from thought Catalog reminds us that these feelings are transient and that above the clouds, the sun is always shining.

This state of overwhelming sadness is merely a state of being. Feelings pass and that’s all this is. And this depressed state you’re in will too. You will get through this. WE will get through this. Because I’m with you in this too and you are not alone.

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