The art of non finishing

Lost time is never found again.

If you ever continued reading a book you weren’t enjoying or a film you couldn’t get into.

Then you need this concept in your life.

The first time I discovered this, it was as though I was suddenly given permission to choose what I would spend my time on – when of course the choice was always mine.

In The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss advises:

More is not better, and stopping something is often 10 times better than finishing it.

We’re all guilty of this – giving up on things – “quitting”, is not a desirable quality and it leads us to pursue activities which actually we don’t enjoy or won’t benefit from purely so we’re not perceived as “a quitter”

Such nonsense.

Quitting is sometimes the noble thing to do – and you always know if you are pursuing something just to be “a finisher”.

In much the same way reading Tim’s words gave me permission – let this post give you permission to stop doing things you dislike.

Stop films halfway through if they’re terrible, donate books to charity shops if they aren’t for you, if you are meeting with someone out of obligation and don’t want to, then be honest and save your time.

Time is our most precious resource – more-so than money – and yet we guard our money with far more vigilance than our time.

This post is a reminder that you can choose to stop, start or continue activities as you see fit – and sometimes that means not finishing them.

The question is – what could you give up today that is wasting your time and energy?