A tidy mind is a happy mind.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Feng Shu, or perhaps The Magic Of Tidying up where your environment and surroundings make a difference to your wellbeing.

This article explores 6 ways you can make your living space more welcoming and happiness enduring.

As a Vitamin D supplement taker, my favourite is this one:

1. Change the Lighting

A poorly lit living space is not going to make you eager to spend time in it. In fact, lighting has an incredible effect on our moods: remember how you feel on the first sunny day of spring post-April showers? The rays of sunlight can make you feel more optimistic, if you’re naturally inclined to optimism.

Brighter lighting tends to heighten emotions, so good, bright lighting should intensify the way you feel about being home — happy. Natural light is also a valuable tool in the fight for happiness, so crack open your blinds and curtains to let that seep in, too. Live in a dark apartment? Get one of those lamps that mimics the sun’s rays.

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