Your Guide to Fun in 4 Steps

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.

Yes, this blog is called “Every Day Should Be Fun”, but the reality is that for most, every day is not fun.

Life, worries, responsibilities and all sorts can get in the way of us connecting to our own sense of fun and joy.  (Every Day SHOULD Be Fun)

This article reminds us to make time and effort to relax and do fun and playful things. Even I am guilty of spending too much  time working and blogging and not enough time having fun.

My favourite step is number 2, you literally need to schedule in to have fun or downtime to ensure you make space for it; sad but true.

2. Put a Time on the Calendar

This might sound ridiculous. Who needs to schedule time to play? The answer? The very people who don’t play enough. For me, I would schedule a few hours every Saturday afternoon. This way I knew that I wouldn’t schedule anything during that time, and it would remind me to actually play

Every Day Should Be Fun, so make some plans today to make it so 🙂

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