We’re not raising awareness; we’re raising compassion.

Every now and then I find things for the blog that are just pure kindness and this is one of them.

It started as free haircuts for the homeless and has grown to a global movement

#dosomethingfornothing is a movement born from the idea that we are all able to do something for someone; for nothing. 

Josh Coombes is a hairdresser and when he started to reach out to the homeless in his city and offer them free hair cuts, he started the hashtag #dosomethingfornothing. It wasn’t long before he and his friend, Matt Spracklen, an international photographer, decided to take this idea around the south west to towns and cities nearby to them. 

The local media picked up on it immediately and the world media soon followed suit with features on Brazilian and South Korean news channels, The Mail Online, The Telegraph and Metro. It also made front page of Mashable. 

The idea is that as the hashtag and online presence grows, others will be inspired to ‘do something for nothing’. Whether that may be to people sleeping rough or basically anyone in need of some love.

So if this has made you think or you are inspired to go and do something for someone, however small, whoever the person is in need, why not share it by using the hashtag #dosomethingfornothing on social media for us to see.