Zen of Busy: Continual Letting Go When You’re Overwhelmed

By continually letting go, we don’t have to be so stressed out.

The simplest ideas are the most powerful.

And there is no one I know who promotes simplicity and Zen more than Leo Babauta at Zen Habits.

This post talks about how letting go of pretty much everything is the best way to free your mind and to eliminate stress.

But what does he mean by “letting go”?

Letting go simply means freeing your mind of thinking about certain things, not worrying about the future potential outcomes or scenarios that may be running through your head.

Letting go is knowing that whatever happens, you will be ready and you can deal with it – everything will be in order when it needs be.

The benefit of this is that by continually letting go of what I think things should be, of what I think I know, of needing to have control or certainty … I can just let go and relax. I can do my best, but not stress out about it when things don’t go my way.

It nearly completely eliminates stress and provides you with an accepting and simple approach to the smaller niggles we face in life.(It also reminds me of a previous post- SWH)

Something to think about.

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