Why life goes faster as you grow older

Time waits for no man.

Hat tip to my brother for this one.

This fascinating piece from Huffiest talks about the all too familiar feeling of time speeding up that only seems to worsen as each year passes.

Whilst it covers the “science bit” behind why we feel this way, what’s really useful are the methods suggested to combat the feeling.

The three methods are:

  • Slow Down: In our over-caffeinated, hyper-connected and intense world, I believe we can use some time to simply relax. Stop and breathe deeply a few times throughout the busy hours of your day.
  • Meditate More: Our studies at the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation reveal that you can impact positively your telomeres, as well as claim many other health benefits, in only 12 minutes a day. Our simple yoga meditation technique is called Kirtan Kriya (KK) and doesn’t require a huge time commitment or expense. Published research on KK reveals the largest increase in telomeres ever, a groundbreaking 44 percent.


  • Pay Attention: Go for a nice nature walk and take a look at what is all around you. Notice the sky, the tress, and the clouds. Really taste your food and be wholly alive. Be grateful. This will help you enjoy a more meaningful life, complete with the creation of new and exciting memory bumps. You will gain peace of mind, a rare and beautiful commodity in today’s hectic world.


Full article here.