50 ways to find inspiration

If this website wasn’t enough- 1000+ posts and 500+ resources to check out, the good people at Tiny Budda have collated a list of 50 ways to find inspiration when you need it.

Check it out ūüôā

50 Ways to find inspiration

Find Inspiration on the Web

11. Watch a TED video to learn about inspiring ideas.

12. Search for tweets with the hashtag #inspiration using the Twitter search functionality.

13. Post an inspiring video, like Validation or The Tutu Project. Then be an active part of the conversation in the comments.

14. Read blogs written by people who have overcome adversity.

15. Join a forum of people who can relate to your challenges.

16. Browse through inspirational quotes on Tiny Buddha.

17. Share yourself vulnerably and authentically¬†in a blog post‚ÄĒgive inspiration to receive it.

18. Learn about ways to change the world through social media.

19. Watch 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes.

20. Search Facebook for new inspirational pages to follow.

50 Ways to find inspiration