Priming the pump

Before you can get anything out you must put something in.

This concept, delivered often by Zig Ziglar reminds us that we have to produce results first, to be rewarded later.

This is the natural way of the world but often we miss this logic (or use it as a convenient excuse for inaction)

Wanting results first; to put the work in after, is a mindset which is all too widespread and exists only to hold you back.

Anything worth having in life is worth working for, but it requires a little vision and faith as well as effort – and I think this is the issue.

We are all capable of giving our best and putting the effort in, but the difference between winners and losers (as Shiv Khera would say) is that winners put the effort in to then see the result and losers want to see the result before they put in the effort.

Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way .

You have to plant the seeds to get the flowers, you don’t get flowers and then plant the seeds.

An obvious concept perhaps, but how many things have you not pursued due to lack of faith in achieving the result?

The true question is, if you knew in advance without any doubt that you would get the result – would you then put in the effort?

and if not, why not?