Sketches in stillness

The sketches are like little Illustrated Sutras that aim to inspire, give perspective, and enlighten.

If you didn’t know what a Sutra was (I didn’t!) then don’t worry, I looked it up ­čÖé

A rule or aphorism in Sanskrit literature.

Sketches in stillness provides visual representations of wisdom, quotes and fables which makes them far more engaging. I am a visual person so I much prefer when wording is accompanied by beautiful imagery.

Created by Francois Lange, the site, the drawings and the mission behind Sketches in Stillness is unique and inspiring;

Francois dedicated his time and talent in illustrating quotes that could inspire people to live more fully in the present moment, and to awaken to their highest potential.

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Enjoy ­čÖé

Sketches in Stillness.

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