Don’t confuse effort with results

 This can be a very unsettling concept to a lot of people.

In the world in which we live, often those who put in the most effort, take on the most tasks and can handle the most stress are perceived to be the most successful.

We live in a “results by volume” world where the only way to achieve more is to do more.

This is true to an extent, but there should be a caveat – and that’s where this video comes in.

It’s doing the right things which drive progress and achieve results – you could work for 9hrs a day or 1hr a day and achieve the same results if you knew exactly what was required to progress.

As good as it may feel to be busy all day long and to be working – it’s only the result of that work which truly makes the difference.

If you only had 2hrs today to complete your entire day’s work then what would you do?

If you can start to think about achieving things, rather than spending time on them, then you will find that not only your productivity will increase, but that you will be doing “less” as you eliminate things from your daily workload which aren’t vital to progress.

This idea is very simple to understand, but hard to practice as we are all hardwired to the “results by volume” way of working and the 9hr working day.

The question is, if you only focussed on results today- what would you do? and how would your day be different?