The 8 Things The Happiest People Do Every Day

Appreciating the good moments — is what separates the happiest people from the average Joe.

Happiness is all about

This article from Barking up the wrong tree, is a fascinating and science backed listicle with daily habits to help build happiness over time.

Happiness isn’t finite, it’s not a destination and it depends entirely on what you make of the world around you, mores than the world around you.

The 8 things are below, but check the full article for a wealth of further reading, links and sources.

  1. Wake Up And Say ARG!
  2. Savor Your Morning Coffee
  3. Sweat Your Way To Joy
  4. Do A Five Minute Favor
  5. Make Work A Game
  6. Friends Get Appointments Too
  7. Find Meaning In Hard Times

Full article here.

Enjoy 🙂