This is for every person who has ever been depressed.

Depression is a dirty window, not a dirty word.

I don’t hide the fact that I have suffered and still suffer with depression.

Depression is becoming more of an “acceptable” thing and losing it’s stigma in society, but it’s still a mystery to many who can’t understand why you don’t just cheer up and put a smile on it..

This article is a reminder that depression is something that you deal with, not who you are. Sometimes this can be lost in the darkest of days when everything seems hopeless.

Depression can seem all-encompassing, lonely, and fearful at times, but just remember to zoom out sometimes and look at the bigger picture. Depression isn’t your whole story, it’s only a part of it. Depression isn’t your only identity, so don’t look at yourself as if that’s all you see. You’re a work in progress, a walking miracle, so don’t think anything less of yourself.

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