Note To Self

One man’s journey to become a better person by talking to himself.

Note To Self is a website of introspection, of honesty and wisdom. It’s a no-nonsense and direct means of qustioning belifs, challenging norms and staying “on track” (whatever on track might mean for you).

But why are there so many “notes to self” and where did they come from? I’ll let them explain that 🙂

On the morning of my 45th birthday, I had a talk with myself about all the things I’d learned, done, and conquered over the years and how all those things had still, somehow, failed to make me happy or fulfilled. I decided then that the responsibility for my happiness lay with me and that I would devote myself to bringing kindness, joy, love, and compassion into every moment, for myself and others. This shift changed my life.

I began to share some of these notes in the hope that they might help other people who are in the midst of living their own transformation. Some may, some may not. I invite you to take only what you need and leave the stuff that doesn’t “fit” behind. If any of these notes speak to you and the place that you find yourself in, this page has done its job and I sincerely wish you all the happiness and fulfillment in the world. You deserve it.

There is plenty of thought provoking content to be found and the site’s creator, Paul, shows no signs of stopping.

Maybe it’s time we all started talking to ourselves?