The Happiness Alliance

Mindfulness +Gratitude + Giving = Happiness

The Happiness Alliance is a not for profit organisation focussing on happiness and its causes, seeking to equip people with the knowledge and tools to manage their own happiness.

Our Mission is to improve the well-being of society by increasing understanding and appreciation of the factors that lead to life satisfaction, resilience and sustainability. In addition to economic status, we focus on examining sectors that span social, environmental and governance quality. 

Our Purpose is to provide tools resources and knowledge to foster grassroots activism  for a new economic paradigm.  Our strategy is emergence. We ask “What is being called for now? We keep it real. 

There is a regularly updated blog, a large collection of Slide Share presentations and lots of real world examples to get stuck into too.

The best part of the site? Click here to take the gross national happiness survey.

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