Why do you want things?

Materialism is the only form of distraction from true bliss.

As time goes by I find myself becoming less and less materialistic which I think is only natural.

But why do we get these urges to buy things? why do we fixate on the latest TV or mobile phone?

And why, not long after the purchase do we shift focus to the next thing and then the next…?

I personally think it has a great deal to do with how we feel and how we decide to feel about things.

It seems too difficult (and a little unusual) to decide to be very happy today for no particular reason – if you can “blame” your happiness on the new 42″ LED TV you have purchased then you “Allow” yourself to be happy and make it simple for others to understand.

It’s a kind of cause and effect process.

By the same token you can put off your happiness using the same logic – I will be happy when I have a new TV.

But why do we need reasons to feel anything?

I think this is down slightly to laziness and lack of responsibility – if the car accident made you upset or the ice cream made you happy then you are responsible for neither of those feelings – and who likes to be responsible when you can point the blame at others?

The issue here is that you rely on external factors to create your internal self – you will always be at the mercy of what is happening in your world rather than taking control of it yourself.

By not taking responsibility for how you feel (and responsible literally means being able to choose your response) then you will always be chasing the next achievement, the next purchase and the next “excuse” to feel great.

Within you right now you have the ability to feel how you want.

You can choose how to feel or you can let external factors choose for you – something to think about..