100 Day Self Connection Experiment

All life is an experiment.

Transformational comedian, Kyle Cease, has created a 100 video strong series as he believes the core of most problems come from a lack of self connection, a lack of truly being in touch with ourselves.

In his own words:

What if most of our problems only existed because of one main problem?

From my experiences, I believe that fear of what people think of you, lack of money, lack of passion, and many addictions really boil down to one thing: not connecting to yourself.

That sounds like a vague thing to say, but think about how often we worry about nothing.

We will sit in a chair and think about our past over and over again, and stress. Then we think about our future, and stress.

Even though we are totally safe in the chair, we are attacking our bodies with life saving mechanisms, while we create thoughts and then resist the thoughts we created.

It’s almost as if we are addicted to worrying and horrified of facing our infinite powers. We actively try to find the problem because we are used to moving through life with the brakes on. If we took the brakes off, we would move much faster, but we are scared of that power because we have never experienced it before.

It has become extremely common to be at war with ourselves. We are constantly looking to control things that we can’t and ignoring the things that we can.

I believe the solution to creativity, health, impact, and relationships lies almost entirely on our willingness to connect to ourselves.

People take a shower and wash the dirt from yesterday off of their bodies, but we don’t wash the dirt from yesterday’s thoughts off of our minds.

We take our bodies to the gym, but not our minds.

There are a lot of people out there who want to sell you the temporary solution for your symptoms, but if you really discovered the core problem, they would not be able to sell you very much.

I am curious what would happen to everything in my life, impact, health, career, etc if I chose to connect to myself for the next 100 days, and make a video each day. So that’s what I’m going to do.

I am on a mission to prove through my experiences that we can have anything we want, and that we just need to make the decision to show up.

Introducing the 100 Day Self Connection Experiment.

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