Memento Mori

Remember that you must die.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but if it hasn’t already happened, you will die.

Not only that, you, me and everyone you’ve ever met and ever will meet will die.

There’s an uplifting thought on a blog about inspiration I hear you cry!

But wait.

Knowing you will die is the ultimate liberation from the minutiae of life and any problems you may be facing.

Knowing you will die can give you an opportunity to re-frame that break up, that debt, the bad job, missed parking space, late train or whatever has been bugging you. Next to death, none of it matters.

Memento Mori is not a naturally morbid consideration, its rather the opposite. It reminds us of the preciousness of time, the fragility of life and the transience of everything.

Something to think about.