How do you want to feel?

Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.

The way you feel in this very moment us up to you.

Whether happy, sad, excited or lonely you are choosing how you feel.

It may not feel like a choice as we rely on external factors to guide our feelings- if you are alone then it’s logical to feel lonely, if you have made an error at work then you feel embarrassed – this is normal.

We feel things often because we feel obligated to – we rely on cues and widely accepted triggers to know how to feel – it’s a strange branch of conformity.

If something terrible happened to you; could you see the positive in it and actually be grateful for the chance to grow?

Ok it sounds a little “far out” but think about that for a second – if you could choose to feel happy or content despite any negativity around you then how would your life be better?

But how do you get to choose?


Firstly, you need to believe – belief that things are possible helps make them possible.

If you believe you can choose to feel happy even if you have suffered a disappointment then you’re halfway towards your goal.

Be aware.

The second step is to be aware of what you are feeling and why.

When you develop an awareness of your feelings you develop the ability to pick and choose those which are empowering and to let negative feelings pass you by.

Also, once you understand your “triggers” (the things which make you feel a certain way) then you can be prepared to choose your response.


Once you make happiness or calmness in any situation your goal, you will be given countless opportunities to try it out.

Like all great things, the first few times you try it out it might be difficult or feel different- but keep in mind your goal here.

Choosing how you feel and being responsible (able to choose your response) will put you in a great position to achieve in other areas of your life.

This short video by Joel Osteen looks into the idea a little further- the talk is religious but if, like me, you’re not – don’t let that put you off ­čÖé

If you could choose how to feel now – no matter what is happening in your life – could you choose happy?