Erik Weihenmayer

“A spark of greatness exists in all people, but only by touching that spark to adversity’s flame does it blaze into the force that fuels our lives and the world.”

Erik Weihenmayer is the only blind person to have reached the summit of Everest.

You may have read that sentence too quickly, but to take a step back and be clear; he’s BLIND. This man has scaled Mount Everest which is a feat for any person, but without the aid of vision.

THAT is incredible (but he’s done so much more- see video at the end of this post)

As an author, speaker and adventurer, Erik focusses on encouraging others to push past their limits and achieve what they never thought possible.

This video here shows just ONE of the many challenges he would have faced in climbing Everest:

Erik, much like Sean Stephenson, Nick VujicicBrett Nielsen and others is a shining example that your only limit is you which is a truly inspiring message.

Check him out