Brett Nielsen

It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it.

Brett is an astonishing person, although I’m sure he wouldn’t accept that description of himself; he’s just living his life as best he can.

Born with no arms as a result of the Thalidomide scandal, he has lived a life of constantly needing to adapt, where even the simplest tasks could prove difficult in a world created for those with arms.

Not one to let anything stop him, Brett has led  “normal” life and is truly happy with his lot – he is seemingly incapable of self pity.

I first discovered him through the BBC documentary about him, where you get  feel for his life, his attitude and just how well he lives despite his condition.

An accomplished musician (amongst other things) Brett’s track “isn’t it a pity” is both heart breaking and inspiring. (below)

Check him out.