Travailler moins, produre plus

“Travailler moins, produire plus.” In other words, the less you work, the more you produce.

As a productive and ambitious person, I rarely used to value free time, idleness and relaxation.

I viewed these as indulgences, weaknesses and impediments to success.

As I get older (and hopefully wiser) I am coming to understand that once you make time for rest and relaxation, you are actually able to be more prductive and think more clearly.

I was given the book How To Be Idle by my father in law, he is a master at the art of idleness.

I say that not meaning he is lazy or indolent; but that he knows how to relax and to just “be” – something he could see I struggled with.

Reading the book on holiday (at a rate of 50 pages per day which is my daily goal and kind of flies in the face of relaxation..) I soon came to understand that relaxation and so called idleness are necessary parts of success. They are not mutually exclusive.

I’m not going to bore you with the science; you don’t need to understand how it works to know it works. When you relax and stop focussing too much on finding what you want, you allow your mind to generate the answers. As someone who would keep working and keep thinking with no breaks until he “got it” to change my tact and release control seemed counter intuitive.

It not only works, but is enjoyable as you relax your body and mind with a change of scenery and then the answers seem to come to you with no effort at all.

The next time you feel like you dont know what to do next or you cant solve a certain issue; relax, rest or go for a walk and let the answer come to you.

Just a thought.