All that’s good.

Milkshake is a website dedicated to finding the good in everything.

This is something I can relate to and I was immediately hooked.

From causes to grub to eco and explore, the collection of inspiring and good things is as diverse as it is interesting.

Milkshake is an addictive free email dedicated to finding the good in everything.

We believe that it’s better to support products, people, initiatives, events and services that not only are innovative, unique and desired, but focus on the triple bottom line (people, planet and profits).

Our mission is to put ‘giving back’ in the context of the larger world we live in: discovering ways to shop, travel, eat, read and interact with greater purpose with the ultimate goal of dazzling you with a find, encouraging you to initiate change and inspiring you to be part of all that’s good.

Featuring great ideas such as Giving Tuesday and Before I die… and so much more, check it out or subscribe as I have to become a “shaker” and get regular inspiration by email.

Check it out!