There’s no such thing as multitasking

Multitasking is an illusion.

It’s an excuse, a myth, a lie we tell ourselves.

Multitasking allows you to do many things with sub par attention and feel even more hurried and stressed than is necessary. In our world where “busyness” is admired, multitasking is an enviable pursuit.

We all know the best way to get things done is to focus, to do one thing at a time and give it all of our attention, but it’s so tempting to multi task (I feel tempted all the time) that we think we’re somehow beating the system.

Enter Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin dedicated his time to pursuing his thirteen virtues, which in itself is admirable, but he had a secret weapon.

He pursued one thing a week for 13 weeks and then repeated the cycle 4 times which makes 52 weeks (a calendar year)

This method allows Franklin to focus on one virtue at a time, at four separate points in the year. The focus allowed him to maximise his chances of success and the cycle ensured everything was covered with an equal amount of time.

I am a massive multi-tasker so over the next weeks I’ll be putting Franklin’s methods to the test.  Having a more structured approach to life and knowing I will get to everything (rather than trying to to everything at once) may be the mindset change we all need to break the habit!

Something to think about.