1001 tolerations

What you put up with, you end up with.

This list was passed to me by a friend recently- it charts 1001 items that this particular person is “tolerating” in her life right now.

Whilst we’re told to focus on the positive and be positive, it’s wise to cast an eye on the negative things with a view to eradicating them from your life.

With the “busyness” of daily life, work, family and everything else it’s easy to put up with faulty appliances, poor friends and cluttered rooms as they all seem so insignificant and undeserving of your time.

It’s not so much what you tolerate, but the impact of your tolerations which is the most important factor.

If you asserted yourself with that bossy friend, had a more uncluttered house and replaced that faulty appliance, you’d not only be happier, you’d feel more in control of your life. For many people feeling in control and affecting change is a great source of happiness.

It’s the seemingly small and insignificant details of life that overall can make the difference.

Take a moment today to consider what you may be “tolerating” in your own life; from very small things to the very significant, how many things are there and could you eradicate them?

Just a thought.

Check out the full list here.