Terroir (from terre, “land”) is the set of special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with plant genetics.

Terroir can be very loosely translated as “a sense of place,” which is embodied in certain characteristic qualities, the sum of the effects that the local environment has had on the production of the product.

I came across this word and was immediately intrigued.

Surely your surroundings, your environment, your geography has an impact on how you evolve as a person.

We often hear about “the five people you spend the most time with” which is part of it, but what about your home, your neighbourhood, your locallity?

Is your home uncluttered, bright, clean and filled with photographs, plants and other uplifting things? How often do you visit green space local to where you live? do you know your neighbours, local shop keepers or other members of the community?

We spend so much time self-focussed that we can overlook the simple things with the biggest impacts.

Take a moment to consider your home- could you make it more welcoming, less cluttered, more bright? how could you improve your environment to benefit your wellbeing?

If you want to mature like fine wine, you need the right Terroir.

Something to think about. 🙂