The Zeigarnik Effect

The key to productivity is working in focused periods of time, while avoiding multi-tasking and disruptions.

The Zeigarnik effect is an aspect of psychology which states that we must finish what we start.

The Zeigarnik Effect is the tendency to experience intrusive thoughts about an objective that was once pursued and left incomplete. The automatic system signals the conscious mind, which may be focused on new goals, that a previous activity was left incomplete. It seems to be human nature to finish what we start and, if it is not finished, we experience dissonance.

Logical and obvious.

Where it can be used to advantage is by simply starting something you have been putting off. By virtue of beginning a task, even in a small way, we become less and less likely to leave it unfinished.

With that in mind, it’s a great way to beat procrastination – begin the task and you will be more compelled to finish the task.

I always recommend starting dirty, it’s how this very blog began ­čÖé

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