Thirteen Virtues

You may delay, but time will not.

Benjamin Franklin listed 13 virtues in his autobiography which he believed would help shape his character throughout his life.

He focussed on one per week, beginning with temperance, so that he could “live without committing any fault at any time.”

So many years on from writing the list, it’s no surprise that the virtues remains relevant- they are timeless advice for a wholesome life.

The old fashioned language serves well as it makes you consider and understand each point as you have to focus more upon them- its impossible to “skim” read 🙂

Franklin even created a sheet so that he could log which virtues he was utilising and when- what gets measured gets managed after all 🙂


What would your virtues be? what standards do you or could you live your life by? What would happen if you measured them as Franklin did?

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