Spark People

Eat better. Feel better. Look better.

With 15M registered users, is an enormous community aimed at “sparking” people into getting fit and taking responsibility for their health.

They offer resources which are 100% free, some of their content is premium, but you can access some great stuff here absolutely free.

From recipes to fitness and of course my favourite- motivation, there’s something here for us all.

Throughout my own journey through life, eating well and exercising seem to come and go like the seasons.

We ll know what we should be doing, but we often don’t do it- there’s no immediate downside to not exercising or eating poorly after all.

When you realise it will catch up with you- through ill health, bad skin, low energy, low mood and any number of other symptoms, you may decide to take some action.

I’m still implementing this into my life so I’ not here to judge- but we know what we should be doing… ­čÖé

The Daily Spark collection of videos for instant inspiration is a must too! Check it out here

Enjoy ­čÖé