2 years

Paralyse resistance with persistence

It’s been 2 years since I began Every Day Should Be Fun.

I had the idea for the blog and had been successfully putting it off for another 2 years (or more) before that.

When I realised that just getting started, and then adapting/correcting course along the way was the “secret”, I began.

2 years on I have no shortage of post ideas and new content- it just keeps on coming.

The last 24 months have taught me a lot.

With 370+ posts, hundreds of resources across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more, Every Day Should Be Fun is becoming the exhaustive resource I hoped it would when I began.

In my own life, my journey towards becoming a coach, speaker and author is gathering momentum.

The last 24 months have taught me that anything worth having is worth working for and anything worth working for must be started as soon as possible.

Now is a great time to visit some of the content from the last 24 months- particularly if you’re new to the blog.



…..Here’s to many more years to come.