Sean Stephenson

Ridding the world of insecurity.

Sean is a man, much like Nick Vujicic – born with a seemingly debilitating physical condition.

The doctors told his parents that Sean was unlikely to live long- as he points out in the video below it’s Sean who is still alive and the doctors who are now all dead…

His upbeat, witty and adaptable approach to life has allowed Sean to turn what could be a life limiting situation to the thing which empowers him to help others.

His goal, to rid the world of insecurity is accomplished through his speaking and coaching on acceptance, love and avoiding pity. Yes life can be tough and yes life can be unfair, but deep down we are all just seeking validation and love from our peers.

The video below, a TED talk given by Sean inside a prison no less (!)  is a great introduction to his philosophy and approach to life.

Check him out!