Positive News

Inspiration for a change.

I personally gave up reading the news as I realised it bought so much negativity into my life which I otherwise would not come into contact with.

I no longer visit online newspapers every few minutes (to check things, you know…. just in case) and I don’t watch the news on TV or hear it in the car.

I can tell you I’m no worse off for not consuming the news, I have a lot more free time and feel generally safe and secure in the world now I don’t immerse myself in every tragic incident that is reported.

I’ve always wondered about good news stories- surely the world isn’t that bad a place and there’s an awful lot of lovely people and great things happening each day.

I found Positive News UK, a “solutions based” newspaper which looks at the challenges which face society and focusses on what can be done, rather than the negative aspects.

It’s a refreshing change to see such great articles as debts being cleared for low income Croatians and inspiring stories of resilience which remind you that the world is a face beset by challenges for sure, but its not what happens to you, its what you do about it.

If like me you can’t stand the negativity of the news but would like something to read then give it a shot!

Check it out here

Enjoy 🙂